Customer Segments

Solutions Designed to Fit

Multi-site Corporation or single family home… fire prevention and preparedness is a universal priority. These efforts save lives, prevent property damage, and minimize financial and legal liability.

Whether you are interested in lowering time and costs of a build project, decreasing the liability exposure of your business, leveraging fire prevention and non-toxic/eco-friendly qualities for insurance discounts, or simply seeking the peace of mind that your family is protected 24-hours a day… Passive Protection can tailor a solution to meet your home or business needs.

Below is a short list representing a cross-section of the industries for which Passive Protection products and services are designed:

  1. Private & Multifamily Residents
  2. Hospitality, Restaurateurs, Nightclubs
  3. Architects, Designers, Builders
  4. Academia – Private and Public Schools: K-12, Colleges and Universities
  5. Code Enforcement Officials (AHJ’s)
  6. Manufacturers, Fabricators, and Distributors
  7. Hospitals, Long Term Care, Daycare
  8. Insurance