Thermal-Acoustical Insulation

Spray-Applied Thermal Acoustical Insulation

Passive Protection is certified to install fiberglass-based, spray-in-place thermal and acoustical insulation from the most well-known and respected manufacturers in North America.

These products are designed to deliver exceptional performance in all building applications:

  • isulMore economical alternative to common thermal and acoustical solutions
  • Achieve multiple projects specifications with one product
    • Acoustical sound-absorption/noise reduction coefficients (NRC)
    • Thermal insulation (R-Values)
  • Uniform and attractive finish options – including color and texture
  • Adheres to steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, gypsum, fiberglass and plastic
  • High recycled materials content
  • Low VOC content
  • Odorless, non-toxic and non-combustible
  • Fungal and Mold Resistant

Whether a project calls for Noise Reduction or Thermal insulation, includes uneven or irregular surfaces, or a variety of substrates, Passive has the in-house experience to deliver a top-quality result at the greatest value to your project’s schedule and bottom line.