Manufacturing & Distribution

Product-lines that “Pass”

Manufacturers, fabricators, and distributors are often interested in learning about effective and efficient options in attaining and maintaining fire code compliance, both now and in the future.  By initiating conversations in the introductory stages, all parties have time to discuss new developments and services which avoid potential problems with their deliverables in the future.

Passive Protection and CODEpliance will work directly with your teams during planning & design, fabrication, or delivery phases to ensure all services performed on-time and professionally coupled with accurate supporting documentation.

Design & Engineering:

“Unlock the unlimited potential of natural materials, delicate products, and handmade pieces”

The challenge is to design a product that marries vision with function. Unfortunately, many off-the-shelf or custom-shop materials do not meet code specifications, and therefore options are limited.  Flame retardant treatments offer an easy, non-toxic, method of adding an endless array of possibilities in creating the perfect final result.

  • Flame Retardant Treatments
    • Testing (large and small scale) and final assembly
    • Expand customer options for fabric, accessory, decoration, material, etc.



“Establish a simple paper-trail ‘Process’ to answer any questions from build to daily use”

Flame certificates are especially relevant for custom-built orders using COM (Customer Ordered Material) fabrics.  Providing a concise report of analytical data for each component, a composite test, and any customizations helps to eliminate risk potential for both the manufacturing facility and their customer.

Supply Vendors and Distributors:

“Offer a full-service package that prolongs customer engagement long after the initial sale”

Office furnishings (desk chairs, conference room seating, cubicles, and wall dividers) almost exclusively offer fire code compliant products at the time of purchase.  However, the continued flame retardants ratings are nearly impossible to predict and guarantee for the life of the product.  Documentation and maintenance are never-ending demands from corporate clientele, and it is a challenge to in-house departments to accurately manage and consistently monitor the entire life-cycle of furnishings and interior finishes.  The easiest time to initiate a Compliance Program is at the point of sale to reflect a continued commitment to end-user satisfaction and the longevity of their investment.