Fireproofing Patching and Maintenance

Proper Maintenance and Patching

Fireproofing Patching

Fireproofing gets damaged all the time.  In new builds, other trades must chip some away during installation of services.  In renovations, existing fireproofing is cracked or loose and missing areas are uncovered.  The team at Passive Protection will determine the proper material and method for patching, and deliver a result that allows construction to continue without delay due to fire code violations.

Flame Retardant Maintenance, Reapplication and Recertification

At some point, all furnishings and interior surfaces require professional attention in order to maintain their appearance and extend the life of the product, yet many go unattended due to lack of available or qualified resources. For commercial settings, the fear of impacting a site’s certification can hinder scheduling routine maintenance.

Many products which are delivered with flame retardant qualities, particularly textile products, are shipped with labeling or documentation that includes language regarding the impact of cleaning or laundering on the flame rating.

Cleaning may remove the flame retardant finish and diminish the flame rating… NOT cleaning may diminish the flame rating.

Another concern for both aesthetic commercial interiors and residential settings is the high-quality, delicate nature of the materials and fabrics used.

Professional cleaning is good practice

Relative to cleaning and upkeep, common problem areas are:

  • Upholstery
  • Draperies
  • Curtains
  • Fabric walls
  • Office partitions
  • Seasonal decorations or wall-hangings…

These surfaces require experience and proper equipment, or risk making a small problem a bigger one.

For customers with in-house facilities and engineering departments, we work alongside your staff and complement the services your teams currently perform.

For customers without full-time resources, we provide comprehensive maintenance solutions combined with the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing your business’ particular needs.

Passive Protection, Inc. offers professional services for these difficult items as part of a flame retardant preparation* or simply routine program for maintaining peak condition and appearance.

*There is no flame retardant product available today which can confidently state that it will remain as effective AFTER cleaning as when originally applied.  Commercial maintenance procedures may result in a failed test for an item which passed testing initially; therefore, we suggest proper cleaning or surface preparation prior to flame retardant treatment.