Flame Certificates

Flame Certification for New (or Recertification for existing) installations:

Flame Certificate and Report

Flame Certificate and Report

Did you know… topical flame retardants treatments AND IFR (Inherently Flame Resistant) materials fail over time?

Dust, dirt, grease, sunlight/UV, cleaning, and everyday wear and tear can all render the original flame resistance functions, ratings, and warranties null and void.

Did you know… 96% of US states DO NOT require formal certification in order to apply Flame Retardant products and certify their effectiveness?

Passive Protection, Inc. is a registered applicator in both CA and NY, authorized to file Flame Certificates and Affidavits.

Making the Certification process EASY!

When first applying for a Business Permit (COO, Place of Assembly, Liquor License) or Insurance Certificate, everything must pass a battery of inspections.  However, after some time has passed, lounge furniture needs replacement, drapes and partitions require cleaning.  Coordinating a mixed environment of furnishings and fixtures is a difficult juggle – new, existing, or refinished; active, maintained, or out-of-code.  To compound matters, the original documentation is often missing or expired.  Ultimately, finding a qualified local company to help in achieving “Pass” status can prove to be the final challenge.

Passive Protection offers a variety of options when it comes to flame retardant treatment and each is tailored to a specific application and setting.  By using a variety of products (each formulation is non-toxic and tested by internationally-recognized accredited labs) applicators confidently deliver successful Class A results on a wide range of materials.  All flame retardant applications receive a formal Flame Certificate upon completion, for submission to the applicable AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) – Fire or Building Department.  Passive Protection, Inc. coordinates with the local Enforcement team, Insurer, and Building or Business Owner prior to beginning work to ensure everything is done right the first time.

Common application areas:

  • Fabric choice – colors, patterns, fiber makeup, synthetics
  • Decorations – handmade, paper/wood-based, silk plants
  • Window treatments – sheers, thick grade fabric, wood blinds
  • Upholstery – individual seating, benches or banquettes, lounge or formal styles
  • Walls and partitions – room dividers, fabric or natural fiber coverings

Application Options:

  • Treatment as-is or uninstall/reinstall
  • Slower-drying “green” chemistry, or fast-dry chemistry for immediate use
  • Cleaning and maintenance prior to flame retardant applications

Treatment Process:

Passive Protection, Inc. employs several onsite application methods. In all cases, the processes and products pose no safety issues to customers or their clientele.

For every request, the process starts by assessing and understanding the needs of each customer.  A preliminary consult/walk-through is conducted to determine the most efficient and convenient approach in completing the project.  Passive Protection offers flexible scheduling and application options to ensure successful results with minimal interruption to customers’ normal business operations.

Testing Process:

Each authorized laboratory requires a very specific deliverable depending upon the applicable testing procedure.  Whether a fabric swatch or a wall mock-up, having a single point-of-contact helps to minimize confusion, streamline the process, and maintain consistent compliance.

Passive Protection coordinates directly with testing facilities and customers for:

  1. Flame Certificates for new installations or annual re-certification for existing materials
  2. Sample collection and proper test preparation
  3. Expediting analysis and sample tracking
  4. Communicating results to proper authorities for approval

If you have questions about an application or requirement, please contact us.