Code Enforcement Professionals (AHJ)

Passive Protection, Inc. services for business owners were designed with city and state Fire Marshall’s Offices and their respective Fire Prevention Units in mind.

User-friendly access to data, in the office or in the field, allows Officers to:

  • Log routine inspections of Fireproofing and Flame Retardant treatments in accordance with IBC, NFPA, or State Regulations
  • Review a location’s past and present information prior to inspection
  • Preemptively notify business owners of certifications with impending expirations
  • Update any changes to existing furnishings, highlight new renovations, or note re-use of seasonal decorations

Fire Prevention and Safety is a dynamic field.  Every year brings new changes – refined fire codes, more targeted training, improved equipment and methodology.

Our affiliate, CODEpliance, established Compliance Monitoring to improve communication and transparency between Safety officials and the public they protect.  Both CODEpliance and Passive Protection are proud to be active members in those discussions, and welcome any parties interested in further conversations.