Estimating and Value Engineering

Estimating and Value Engineering for Fireproofing and Thermal-Acoustical Insulation

Estimating Expertise

Fireproofing, Flame Retardants and Spray-Applied Thermal-Acoustical Insulation are niche fields within the construction industries, and likewise, so is the skill of estimating these specialties.

Determining a clear and accurate scope of work, relating UL or other assembly designs to build types, and correlating all of that information to a variety of manufacturer’s materials, specs, and application methods requires time and expertise.

At Passive Protection, our Estimators have over 40 years of experience in successfully delivering extremely accurate cost and time proposals for thousands of projects.  Their knowledge is respected throughout the United States, therefore, this group continues to serve as a consulting resource to architects, engineers, and builders.

To match these time-tested skills, the group utilizes the latest in cutting edge estimating software tools and technology.  This allows Passive Protection Estimators to generate highly detailed workups quickly and concisely, while delivering simple and easy-to-read reports and drawings for any project team.

Value Engineering

Our team has experience in utilizing almost any fireproofing or insulation material commercially available over the past 4 decades.  This wealth of knowledge allows our team to quickly identify potential mistakes in material specification or application, and suggest installation options or alternative products which offer LEED credits, reduced cost and time.  Our Estimators help design and build teams avoid future problems such as insufficient durability and mismatched product to location.  If left undone, the results can be catastrophic from failed inspections to removal and reinstall – the impact on budget and schedule can be enormous.

Contact us to determine how our team can help to ensure the best solution to your fireproofing and insulation project.