Fireproofing and more…

From the Passive Protection, Inc. home office to the job site, the single focus of the team at Passive Protection is successful projects.  Consistent communication between our staff and the customer ensures that we deliver on our proposals, so the Project Team can accurately budget for time and costs with confidence.  Passive Protection, Inc.’s service area is primarily in CT, MA, and RI extending to other States on a case-by-case; industries served include commercial, residential, industrial, mixed-use, new builds, retrofits, and many others.

The history of our services is fireproofing, but our experience extends into a wider range of coatings where unique expertise, equipment, and knowledgeable personnel is paramount to achieving a successful result – the first time.

Before any work is ever done, plans and specifications are carefully reviewed for potential alternative methods and materials which can benefit you overall project. Contact the Passive Protection, Inc. office at any time if we can provide consultation with any of these niche trades or problem-solve difficult scenarios.